As I carry you to your grave, my arms your hearse


Tickets for Roadburn are available from:

October 2013:

We have been confirmed for the Roadburn event 013 Venue, Tilberg, The Netherlands, on the 11th April. More details will be posted in due course.


June 2013:

We will be playing at The Islington Assemble Hall on Saturday 21st September; tickets available from:



January 2013

Tickets for our Norwich gig are available from:


December 2012:

      We will be playing at the Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday 6th April -

      details to follow.


October 2012:

      Support acts for the gig at The Kamizier will be Laura J Marling and


July 2012

We're now able to confirm our gig at The Kazimier in Liverpool on November 1st. Here are four links to ticketing agencies, although some may charge a booking fee, so check first:


Three more great reviews of the album; find them at:


The new album 'Out Of The Coma' is now available as a digital download from iTunes with a specially prepared digital booklet.

Out of the Coma - Comus


There’s a great review of the album as well, plus the chance to rate it, so you might want to do that. You can also give any particular album or track as a gift, here’s how: In iTunes, click iTunes Store in the Source list, then select ‘Out Of The Coma’ (or any other Comus tracks / albums!) Click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting drop down menu, choose the Gift option. Once you've clicked Gift, you'll either be asked to sign in with your account name and password, or you'll see a "Give a Gift" page. You'll need to fill in your recipient's (and your) details, such as names, email addresses, and a personal message. It doesn't matter which screen you get first, you will get both. Once you've successfully signed in and completed the gift form, you'll be brought to a page to review your purchase and confirm it.


This is from Sound Projector (Reasonance FM):

Out of the coma? – more like out of the deep freeze for this English dark folk band whose last recording came out in the mid-1970s! And while some people might prefer that the new Comus sound exactly like the old Comus, one must allow that in the very long hiatus between the mid-1970s and 2012 the band members must have been listening to plenty of music and absorbing influences, and that very definitely shows here: there’s a mellow jazz edge to the music which makes Comus a bit more contemporary. The sound is fresh and clear and the Comus vibe still has just the right touch of derangement which is very necessary in songs like the title track and the following song “The Sacrifice”. Lyrics deal with resurrection, sacrifice and rebirth on a different plane of existence, and there’s a bonus of a live recording from 1972 that the band found recently.
“Out of the Coma” sounds like a very robust folk-oriented song with passionate singing, at least until the instrumental passage kicks in and that’s a real surprise with saxophone lending a smoky air. “The Sacrifice” is more like the Comus of old with male and female vocal duetting and a pastoral air with sweet flute melody, violin and acoustic guitar: the song swings from serene and peaceful to urgent and anxious as the subject of the song meets her inevitable end to appease an unknown pagan god and assure the next year’s harvest. “The Return” is a beautiful if dark song that switches from major to minor key and back and includes a soulful saxophone solo halfway through.
“The Malgaard Suite”, introduced by Roger Wootton, is the bonus 1972 recording recovered and cleaned up for “Out of the Coma”. Despite it having been recorded on a cassette recorder, the sound quality is not bad at all and the song just sounds as if it had been recorded in a room with muted acoustics. The song is a tango-ing duet of male and female singing accompanied by violin and bassoon and at times has a jaunty rhythm. The muted sound actually gives the song a forlorn and slightly desolate quality that suits the recovered / reconstructed lyrics.
The album is a welcome return for Comus: it might not quite reach the heights of the “First Utterance” album in inventiveness and inspiration but there is still plenty of life in the band yet. Comus could have pushed the smoky jazz angle a little more to give the songs more grit and urban edge but that’s just a niggly point and many Comus fans will be happy with the band as it is now.

June 2012

This from webzine Ondarock:

Whether you want to bring their name to the ancient Greek god Comus, linked to the seductive force of chaos and disorder - which also named the "Komos" ritual procession consecrated alcoholic intoxication and orgiastic revelry - or masque designed by the great seventeenth-century writer John Milton, however, centred on a divine figure placed next to that on the whole, it does not matter. What's interesting is that after a good thirty-eight years of total silence, excluding the various reprints and recent reunion with a live line-up virtually unchanged (abetted by his friend Mikael Åkerfeldt, Opeth, the Swedish leader, and immortalised last year with the publication of the excellent "East Of Sweden - Live At The Melloboat Festival 2008"), the Comus are back making music.

"Out Of The Coma" is the continuation of the short life of this legendary British band, the spiritual mother of that dark folk who would later be dubbed "apocalypse" with the blood of David Tibet, and literally makes a pair with "First Utterance" - the first, memorable albums of 1970 - placing its row without a break and breaking down the wall style, the matrix decidedly pop, raised with the then poorly greeted "To Keep From Crying", the second and last work dated 1974.
In the view of the same Roger Wootton - mind, lead guitarist and vocalist of Comus - the idea of this real "awakening" would be born with a strong desire to free the "Prisoner" which was closed "First Utterance", creating with the latter a close link-narrative art (after all, they only needed to glance covers of both albums, designed by the same Wootton, to realise this).

The perception of this prolonged absence vanishes almost entirely by hearing of the opening / title track, the message is already there, unvarnished: "Out of oblivion, my dormant soul is shaking ... Out of the coma, Rising up from the tomb ... Out of the coma into a second lifetime. " With the robes of a hymn suffered a second existence, hazy - and beautifully structured - pagan folk of Comus again erupt from the arpeggios and the versatile voice of Wootton, from the twelve-string guitar and Glenn Goring sighs metronomic Bobbie Watson in a whirlwind of bucolic medieval mayhem.
"The Sacrifice" is a poignant composition that comes from the ancestral siren song of Watson, not at all faded by time, and that is consumed at a pace more and more agitated, dictated by the bottom button of Andy Hellaby, the flute-like andersoniano of Jon Seagroatt (who succeeded Rob Young in 2008) and the arc possessed by Colin Pearson, Wootton is the fervent voice of the shaman who presides over the rite of immolatorio "Fairest maiden," offered to the "Lord of death and birth." "The Return" is a lament in the neo-folk charms for modulations of the vocalist, almost childish in certain passages and sensually whispered in others, as well as the lovely oboe of Seagroatt.

"The Malgaard Suite", then, is a valuable testament to the Comus might have in store for the immediate post-"Utterance" if things had gone differently (ie if - then young - Virgin had not put pressure on them, in order to obtain a second album oriented to pop atmosphere and from the passages with a minutaggio more content, which was actually "To Keep From Crying"). Exhumed from the dust of an amateur recording of a fiery live set at Eynsford Village Hall, in the summer of 1972, this long piece is the essence - and the sum - of the folk acid in Comus had his proverbial "no- plus ultra ": Fifteen minutes of demonic possession and psychedelic trance generating total disregard for the poor recording quality.

A rare example, in the general hype that accompanies the many returns to the scene, still far from the exhaustion of creative ability.


May 2012

There have been several great reviews of 'Out Of The Coma'; here are some of them.

This from Amazon's website:

5.0 out of 5 stars Out of the Coma
By Bill B (Leicester, UK)
The Beast returns in triumph... A timeless classic. Everyone who appreciates First Utterance will wet their pants over this masterpiece. It has three new songs (all of a most edifying length), beautifully recorded, including the title track plus The Malgaard Suite. This last is from a 1972 live concert, recorded with just a hand-held cassette recorder, the tape having languished in the outer darkness for forty years but despite the apologies in the booklet and Roger Wootton's explanation, it sounds better than many bootleg recordings of other bands and is a stunning piece... As it says in the booklet, 'soaring', 'majestic', 'a lyrical sonic fever dream'. Yes, and the rest.
The new songs show Comus have taken up where they left off First Utterance (and The Malgaard Suite) and produced this strangely beautiful and powerful work as if those forty years didn't count, and why should they? What is time anyway? Experience? Gestation of genius? This music, with its rare and darkly thrilling quality, is to die for, or even to die to.
And guess what? I highly recommend it.    


Here's the text of a review on Aquarius Records:

We're not sure which is more exciting, the first new music from legendary UK seventies acid folk legends Comus in FORTY YEARS, or a lost track, from back in the day, a song from the never released (or recorded) follow up to the godlike First Utterance, a song never heard by anyone outside of the band before NOW. Thankfully, this new record from this aQ revered combo gives us both, three brand new songs, and one, that aforementioned legendary lost recording. Our very own Andee actually wrote some of the liner notes for this release (alongside some by Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth), specifically talking about that long lost track, so we figured we might as well just reprint that part here (more on the new tracks afterwards):

"For those of us who consider Comus' debut album First Utterance the pinnacle of psychedelic seventies demonic acid folk (and we are quite suspicious of anyone who doesn't), the prospect of a lost second record is nearly too much to even imagine. And the idea that such a record was written, and performed, yet never recorded, is nearly heartbreaking. While subsequent recordings from the band veered into much poppier and more commercial territory, the Comus faithful continued to believe in the existence of an elusive song suite, forever convinced that there had to have been more, an untapped reservoir of dark sonic energy, the unleashing of which was held at bay by unscrupulous record label executives and their profit driven machinations, or even more ominously, those songs were in fact actually recorded and hidden away in some sort of dusty vault. And while the truth may be less sensational and conspiratorial than we perhaps imagined, the Comus faithful have indeed finally been rewarded, with this, a sprawling almost classical sounding psychedelic folk epic, unearthed after nearly 40 years, a fragment of the never completed follow up to First Utterance, the Malgard Suite, which offers a glimpse of what might have been, a fork in time's path untaken, an alternate timeline in which the band continued along that selfsame dark path, the sinister sound of First Utterance expanded upon, less immediately maniacal and harrowing, more expansive and lush, the vocals intricate and intertwined over swirling strings, and delicate crystalline guitars, fluttering flutes and the moaning melodies of the bassoon (played by Lindsay Cooper, who would go on to join art rockers Henry Cow post Comus). And while there's plenty going on here that foreshadows the sound of Henry Cow, there is also a darkly classical vibe, with much of the Malgard Suite sounding a bit like a more diabolical Prokofiev. Those elements are woven deftly into that classic Comus sound, frenzied and fraught with drama one second, soaring and majestic the next, always lush and lovely and dreamily psychedelic. And even in this, which is quite possibly the only existing recording of the Malgard Suite, a rough raw live performance captured on a handheld cassette player, it's impossible to deny the power and emotion in the music, a lyrical sonic fever dream, delivered in this mysterious missive from another time, lost for decades and resurfacing only now, and convincing us, the Comus faithful, that it was worth the wait."

So yeah, Comus fanatics will pretty much need this for just that track. There's also a spoken word intro from band leader Roger Wooten, describing the providence of that track, when and how it was recorded, and how it came to be rediscovered. And it's well worth the price of admission on its own. Which brings us to the new material, and while we have to admit we were a little wary of new songs, especially after FORTY years, our fears were definitely unfounded, cuz for the most part, these new songs sound like they could have come straight from the First Utterance sessions. Sure, some things are different, the vocals are maybe not quite as frenzied and maniacal, but they still sound pretty incredible, and the female backup vox still sound as harrowing and haunting as before. And the music, still so lush and layered and dense, and yeah, a bit demonic, incredible guitar playing, intricate finger picking, wild hand drumming, mournful violin, fluttering flute, the songs drifting into the same sort of dark psychedelic jam territory as those old classics, the lyrics appropriately morbid, the production lush and lovely, the sax being perhaps the only real difference, adding a different dimension to the sound, but it still sounds like Comus, classic Comus at that, and no one sounds like Comus, now or then, and we have to say, these new tracks were worth the wait as well!

This is from 'The Wire' magazine:


April 2012

We can confirm that, at our gig at gig at The Borderline, we will be selling 'Out Of The Coma' in all formats, with some pre-signed vinyl copies also available. Also on sale will be a new range of t-shirts with the new album artwork. Tickets from:

And here's a review of the album from Vittore Baroni, in the Italian 8/10 Rumore magazine:

Authors of a British folk-psych cult classic, First Utterance, and re-emerging from oblivion in 2008 with an amazing concert documented on DVD and CD, Comus are back with three long songs that renew (incredibly!) the spell intact.

This is pagan, acoustic prog-folk, sounding more overwhelming than a black metal band, with the whimsical contrast between the angelic voice of Bobbie Watson and the exalted and guttural voice of Roger Wootton, and includes songs of death and bloody sacrifices to ancient gods, with cultured finishes of strings and horns.

Three blood-colored pearls whose power and inventiveness dwarf the hordes of new 'weird' folk recruits.

The final track is a document of '72, whose content is so dazzling as to excuse the poor quality of the tape. This first part, and only surviving fragment, of the Malgaard Suite, the second album 'lost' of Comus, has ambitious operatic interplay between mythological narrative voices in stunning, wild, Luciferian, waves; the stuff of which legends are made.

 The album is released on vinyl by Rise Above Records, with a preview at the Borderline in London, followed by a Coptic Cat CD version, released by friend and mentor David Tibet.

March 2012

David Tibet is already raving about the soon-to-be-released 'Out Of The Coma' - read what he has to say on his Coptic Cat website at

January 2012

We're really happy to announce that we'll be playing at The Borderline again, on the 28th April. This is part of the launch campaign for 'Out of The Coma' - we don't have a date for when it will be available, but it should be by then. We've played there before and it's a great club - intimate, great sound system, really friendly staff - and we're happy to play there again. The last gig was a sellout, so book your tickets early... we'll post details of where to get them asap, or search online.

Here's the link for tickets (£18 each):

Roger is recovering well, rehearsing for the Tokyo dates and the re-scheduled Helsinki gig, on the 10th March. We are also planning a London show for the launch of Out Of The Coma, probably at the end of April - we'll announce it properly when the details are confirmed.

December 2011

Another excellent review of 'East of Sweden' is at:

We are sorry to have to say the Helsinki gigs are now also cancelled. However, we have a proper diagnosis of Rogers condition - he has a slipped disc - and he should recover well in time for the Tokyo gigs. We very much hope to re-arrange a new date to play at the Korjaamo Culture Factory early in  the new year - we have had several reports about it's excellence as a focus for the arts in Helsinki. Meanwhile, here are the posters for the Tokyo gigs.






Comus would like to sincerely apologise for the last-minute cancellation of our appearance at the Forum on 3rd December.

This was caused by the sudden hospitalisation of Roger Wootton earlier in the week. Roger's condition isn’t life-threatening, but he is in considerable pain and expected to remain in hospital undergoing treatment for some days. We were desperate to avoid cancellation, and so waited until the very last moment to make a decision about playing, in the hope that Roger would effect a miracle recovery. Sadly, that was not to be.

We bitterly regret not being part of Cathedral's farewell gig and hope it went well for all the bands and their fans.



We are pleased to announce we'll be playing at the Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki on the 13th December, supported by Veitto and Weirdtan. Tickets are available from the website at:

Bad news - 'Out Of The Coma' won't be available at the gigs after all, as the manufacturing lead time is too long to get it made by then; we will let you know once we have a definitive release date. Meanwhile, you can check out a strange video which uses 'Diana' as the track; it's by Tomasz Pudełko, a Polish student, and is at: 

Comus are thrilled to announce a gig at the HMV Forum, Kentish Town, supporting Cathedral on their last ever UK performance, on the 3rd December. We hope that, by then, our new e.p., 'Out Of The Coma', will be finished and available at the venue. Tickets will be available from: or usual outlets. Anyone who has looked at the Forum's own site and noticed we weren't listed, don't worry - we'll be there. (This has now been corrected and we're in the listings for the night).




Comus are pleased to announce a concert at the ulta-modern Cit� de la Musique, a purpose built music complex set in parkland near the centre of Paris. The concert is part of the annual event Villette Sonique and takes place on Wednesday June 1, 2011. We are performing  there as guests of our talented friends, Current 93, and we thank David Tibet for his continuing  enthusiastic support. You can read here what David has to say about the occasion.
Ticket details tba.


Tickets now available for our concert at The Borderline on April 2nd. 2011 from ticketweb. Click the picture above for more details.


Look out for or order the October edition of Record Collector magazine - issue 380 (November issue 381 is already in the shops!) - for a 2 page article on Comus, including pictures plus quotes from Roger Wootton. The article is written by Richard Morton Jack who interviewed some of the band for his book Galactic Ramble, which has a 5 star review rating on Amazon.




       SEPTEMBER 2010

There are some new images in our picture gallery, with more to be added later. The new pictures are in three albums: Recording Session, HMV Forum, and Moseley Folk Festival. We thank photographers Zoe Plummer and Andrew Magee for the HMV Forum and Moseley pictures respectively.


Some of  you may have noticed that the listing for the Burntwood Festival,  which was due to take place in Brentwood Essex on the second weekend of October, has disappeared from our forthcoming events. We were asked to do this event way back in March, but over the last few weeks there has been no communication from the organisers despite our efforts. So, with no promotion and the venue not even booked less than six weeks before the scheduled start, we have to assume that it is not going to take place. You will appreciate that this is not in our control, but we wish the organisers well, and hope whatever issues they have had in this instance will not affect their future plans.

Now the good news! We have hooked up with a top agency,  Elastic Artists. If you go to their website you will see  that they have an impressive roster of bands and solo performers, so with all their contacts in the UK and Europe, we are hoping to be a lot busier in future, giving you all more opportunity to see us live.

Finally, we have now sold all our 100 copies of the 7" vinyl issued to commemorate the Current 93 anniversary gig at the HMV Forum. Well done to all of you who bagged a copy of this rarity.

JULY 2010

Sorry to have to report that the Psych Frog festival wil not be taking place this year. We wish the organisers all the best for any future events


Review of the above 7" vinyl by Andee of Aquarius Records, San Francisco, USA

To commemorate the recent 25th anniversary Current 93 performances in London, a super limited number of these commemorative 7"s were pressed up (only 300 copies!), featuring exclusive tracks from three of the bands that performed with C93, psych drone combo Rameses III, psychedelic folk legend Simon Finn, and most excitingly, legendary seventies acid folk outfit, the mighty Comus!!

The Comus track might be what gets folks most excited, and rightfully so, a recording of the group performing "Diana" on the Melloboat, in Sweden, in 2008, their first show together after nearly 40 years!!! We tried to watch clips on YouTube, but the crowd was so amped, and howling and clapping and singing along, you could barely hear the band. Thankfully this recording is pristine, and the band sound incredible, even more woozy and carnivalesque and maniacal than they did back in the day, the player practically perfect, the vocals incredible for the many decades that have passed, definitely makes us wish we had flown over'


JUNE 2010


Click the banner above for a live internet broadcast of our entire set at Roadburn 2010 in April - unedited!


New to our merchandise page, you will find a purple 7" vinyl EP  featuring a track each from Comus, Simon Finn (who designed the cover above) and Rameses III, issued to mark the event of the Current 93 25th Anniversary and David Tibet's 50th Birthday event at The HMV Forum in Kentish Town, London on 29th May 2010. Side A features our track "Diana" - the live recording from the Melloboat festival, Sweden 2008 - and Side B  has track 1, Rameses III "Like The Stars (micro ending), plus track 2, Simon Finn "Polsr Veil"
Please note, this is a limited edition and we only have 100 available!

And another compilation featuring our track "Diana", the album A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind - Vol 2, Pagan Love Vibrations, has won the Best Compilation Album award in the Mojo Honours List 2010.


MAY 2010

Update on our gig with Current 93 at the HMV Forum. Get there early, because we go on stage at 19:10 hrs,  on Saturday 29th. May for about an hour and a quarter.

Tickets �35.00 each night, from Ticketmaster or credit card line 0844 847 2405. Booking fee applies (one fee for one or both nights). Also cash from the Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, London NW1 - 020 7916 6060, open daily 7am to 2am. Also, from the Forum itself, but only when a gig is in progress. Check their website to see when they are open.
Press enquiries to Sophie (Source Productions).



'We are pleased to tell you that Omerch, Opeth's own merchandising company, recently approached us to handle our merchandise - so far t shirts and posters - though our Melloboat DVD can still be purchased directly from here, and you can still see details of some of the t shirts there and the Art Print poster.

At Omerch, we have 2 new t shirt designs available, 'Finger Figure' and 'Head Cluster' (both Tony Kite designs, who designed the Comus logo) to add to the 'Classic' and 'DVD" designs, with more to come at our official store at Omerch.


We are pleased to announce that we are to appear at the first Burntwood Festival, which will take place on 9/10th October at the 2000 capacity Brentwood centre, Essex. Brentwood means 'Burntwood' in olde English.

The weekend will comprise of 1 day of 'wyrd folk' (Saturday 9th.) , with Trader Horne reforming for that show + many more, and one day of prog (Sunday 10th.), which is when we will be on stage. The prog show will feature 12/14 bands across 2 stages, and is to be compered by former world snooker champion, and prog enthusiast, Steve Davis, who is helping put the bill together. The show is a fundraiser for local radio station Phoenix FM, where Steve has a prog show.

We have no information on ticket prices at he moment, but in the promoter's words they will be "very sensible".

More information here when we get it.


  APRIL 2010


This month we are featured in  issue 41 of Acoustic Magazine, with a very informative article by Noel Harvey, stretching across 2 pages. It features quotes from Roger, Glenn and Bobbie with some interesting insights into our reformation and  how it came about. The magazine will be available in newsagents worldwide from April 16th, or can be ordered from their website linked above.


MARCH 2010

Comus In Spain

We will be playing at a beautiful location in Spain at the end of July. We have recently been confirmed for the Psych Frog festival in Guadalest near Alicante. Come back here for more details when we have them.

Comus At The Current 93 Anniversary Concert

29/05/2010 12:00atThe HMV Forum
9�17 Highgate Road, London, South NW5 1JY
Cost: �35 a night, with a weekend ticket for �60 (limited numbers).

with Current 93, as part of a 2 night extravaganza (28th and 29th May), in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Also appearing are Nurse with Wound, Rameses 111, and special guests TBA. Tickets go on general sale from Friday 26th February. Details of how and where to buy tickets will be given on this site, Ticketmaster and can be bought cash.
Check here for further updates!

February 2010

  In addition to our song "Diana" being featured on the cover disk  (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble) of Mojo magazine this month, there was also a review of our dvd from the 2008 Melloboat festival. You can see it below. The reviewer, Phil Alexander, found it to be "heart-warming and inspired". We hope you will think the same about the 3 tracks that we have been recording over the last few days. We have already performed Out Of The Coma, and we have 2 new songs which have not yet been performed. We plan to release all 3 as an EP in the coming months. We will keep you informed.


January 2010

We are pleased to announce that The British Film Institute are releasing "Permissive", a film made in 1970 by Lindsay Shonteff, on DVD and Blu-ray disc as part of their Flipside collection. Comus provided much of the score for this film, and also made a brief appearance in one of the scenes. The release date is  set to be the 25th. of January, and the price will be �17.99 for the DVD, and �22.99 on Blu-ray.

Click the picture to order at a discount from Amazon, and  below that is an extract friom the press release.


When Suzy arrives in London to visit an old school friend she is unwittingly plunged into the ruthless world of the "groupie". Fuelled by Sex, drugs and jealousy, her new lifestyle fosters in her a cold. cynical instinct for survival. But tragedy is never far away.
With its effective blend of gritty location work, brooding flash-forward devices, and a soundtrack by cult acid-folk and prog-rock legends Comus. Forever More and Titus Groan, Permissive is a British counter-cultural artefact that's shot through with grim authenticity.


AUGUST 2009: A new t-shirt design and MOJO
Just to tell you that our new T shirt design is available to buy on the Merchandise page in White, Khaki, Olive and Mid Blue as illustrated. The design is the cover drawing for our just-out Melloboat DVD (also available from the site �12 + �3 p&p) by Roger Wootton.
ALSO, we are proud to say that we are featured in MOJO magazine in the September issue which is just out! It's the 'Welcome back' article on page 27, and tells of our connection with David Bowie in the early days of Comus. Have a look and let us know what you think.


Also, we're really looking forward to Moseley Folk Festival, (Birmingham, UK), at the beginning of September. Hope we can see some of you there!

JULY 2009: A new song at Manchester
Manchester was a fantastic gig at a fantastic venue. We met a lot of good people there, one of whom, Stefan Veldman, shot footage of us playing the first new Comus song in 30 years, 'Out Of The Coma', and posted it on Youtube. Here's the link: Out Of The Coma. Thanks, Stefan!

MAY 2009: Tickets for the Manchester gig on 27th June.
Hello Comus people! Quite a few of you have been asking about tickets for the St. Clement's Church, Manchester, 27th June gig, and I now have the info to pass on to you.

Tickets will be available from Tuesday/Wednesday from: Dulcimer or Ticketline and cost �15. The support will be Circulus. Really looking forward to it, and hope to see loads of you there!!

MAY 2009: We're featured in this month's Wire (June issue) - a six page article by Rob Young (no relation!). It includes a photograph of Roger Wootton sitting in a frightened-looking tree.

.......and look; it's got a picture of Ornette on the cover!

MAY 2009: Hello people, You may already know that our US tour planned for the end of May had to be postponed due to visa problems. However, we are planning another, and Easter 2010 is the proposed time. Sorry to disappoint our US fans, but it will happen! Please check this site and our myspace site for updates.

In the meantime we have some festivals/concerts in the offing. These are:

� The Equinox Festival in London on June 13th

� Concert at St. Clements church, Chorlton cum Hardy, just south of Manchester on 27th June

� Moseley Folk Festival, Birmingham  5th Sept.

Please see the myspace site - - for addresses.

ALSO, there will be a 4-6 page article about Comus in the June issue of the Wire magazine to coincide with the Equinox festival !! It'll be accompanied of course, by the first new band photos to be taken in about 35 years.....we've changed a bit, but we're thrilled to be in such a great publication.

And lastly, new material is being written, the first song of which is to be showcased by Comus at the Equinox festival in London. See you there.....COMUS WAKES!


MARCH 2009: AT LAST!Yes people, at last I can divulge, (well the gig list on our profile has already, but anyway...) some of the detail of our east coast USA tour, which finally has some confirmed dates. Have been dying to tell you all, but  I just couldn't jump the gun!

As you can see on our MySpace profile, there are 3 so far - Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, plus about 3 others which will probably include Boston, Portland (Maine) and definately New York, but dates and specific venues may yet be swapped about. There's also a possibility of Northampton, MA plus one other venue in Connecticut, but these are still being sorted. So it will be about a week to 10 days tour, in early summer - who could wish for anything more?! We are so looking forward to it, especially as the whole thing had a bit of a false start with a change of agent, but pleased to say that all is running really well now.

We also have another addition to our team of fantastically generous people who have offered their help to make this whole Comus thing happen. Someone who travelled from the States to the Melloboat performance in Sweden last year, who is very well connected and experienced in areas of band management, merchandising etc., who is a huge Comus fan and generally great guy!

Another friend in the US who used to live in England when Comus was first on the road has also offered generous practical help and again, buckets of enthusiasm.

Will update you all on the other dates as they are confirmed - please check out the gig list.


LATEST NEWS: Comus have just been taken on by an agent for Britain and Europe! So hang in there Europeans............hope to bring you some news soon.

JUNE 2008: Hi everyone! Well here it is - shiny and new, and a real, genuine, none of your Myspace stuff, Comus website. Not that we diss Myspace - you people would not be reading this if it wasn't for Tom and his mates. So thanks Tom!

There's been such a lot going on lately - mostly future planning, and currently, this website organizing - gathering up and preparing the material, and I'm not even the one who's put it together. We have a fantastic woman in Philadelphia, Lynnette Shelley, who's done all the hard stuff, and is apparently a huge Comus fan. (See the links page for some of her websites)

Hopefully there should be some interesting things here for you fans, and you can see that there is now the facility to buy our merch, surprisingly, on the merchandise page! We are planning some new t shirt designs, (since four of us are illustrators/designers of one form or another), and the autographed Art Print of the Melloboat poster (drawn and designed by Roger Wootton and Glenn Goring) will be available too.

The sound for the DVD of the Melloboat performance is being edited and mixed by Jon Seagroatt at the moment, (our resident expert!), and then the DVD can be completely edited and finished and will be available to buy on this site.

We also have plans for a mini album in very original packaging - again, wish I could tell you, but I'm sure you'll love it. Well, I hope so...

There have been rumours (can't say a lot else at the moment), about some US dates in the not too distant future, so of course we'll keep you posted about that. Negotiations are ongoing....!

Sorry there's nothing more concrete at the moment, but just thought we'd keep you up to date with the Comus saga. Keep checking in to see the latest...